Wednesday, August 24, 2011

OnFast Launches Social Media Tools for Restaurants

Cloud-based service OnFast provides restaurant owners with a suite of simple, timesaving tools to market their business on the social networks. A social dashboard, blogging tool, coupon creator, and Facebook apps are available.

OnFast launched its service to the Restaurant industry today. Their suite of social media tools help restaurants market themselves across social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Additionally, OnFast's Painless Blogging tool supplies professionally written documents containing search engine optimized keywords for the restaurant industry, which makes it easier to create blog posts and automatically update social networks.

"Most restaurant owners don't have a lot of time to keep their social networks up to date. OnFast is a simple way to quickly manage social networks, including blogs, all from one easy to use dashboard," remarked OnFast President Christopher Shepherd.

OnFast's Social Coupon tool provides restaurants the ability to offer discount and promotional coupons to their customers, without any per coupon charges. These coupons are automatically posted to social networks and blogs, or can be exported for email campaigns. Current daily deals can also be listed directly on the restaurant's website or Facebook page using OnFast's proprietary coupon feed and Facebook Coupon App. OnFast's easy to use Campaign Planning Calendar allows restaurants to quickly plan and schedule their future marketing efforts. Tracking the results of marketing campaigns is straight-forward, helping restaurants achieve their visibility goals at a glance. These features allow restaurants to efficiently leverage social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, in just a few minutes a week.

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