Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Sign Up For OnFast's Social Networking Seminars and Webinars

OnFast will be offering several Seminars and Webinars in the next few months to help businesses realize and understand a new way of marketing through online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, and LinkedIn. There are a number of reasons for signing up for our seminars and Webinars. 

First, we will teach you how to use our automated online social network marketing tools to drive more business to your company via the social channels, in a comfortable classroom setting.

Second, in this small group setting you will get more personal attention, and have time to get any questions answered you may have about using our products, as well as social network marketing in general.

We will guide you through linking your social channels, sending out of social posts and coupons, and using our templates for writing blog posts and press releases. We will also show you how to schedule all of this well in advance with our easy to use campaign calendar.

After you attend one of our seminars or webinars you will be well on your way to getting your company at the top of the online search engine lists. Let OnFast help your business grow through social network marketing. Keep checking our website for a schedule of upcoming seminars and webinars at:

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