Friday, August 19, 2011

Benefits of Facebook Fans

With Facebook Fan Pages being around for several months now, the concepts of "fans" and "likes" are well understood by many companies and celebrities. There are hundreds of Pages with well over one million fans on Facebook

For those uninitiated, getting Facebook "fans" and "Likes" provides at least two advantages:
Increased Exposure
For small businesses, a company Facebook Page offers incredible value in that it will bring in new customers with zero cost. As you get your current customers to "Like" your Facebook Page, their Facebook friends will see this activity and also "Like" your Page, especially if they trust their friend's choices in who they do business with. This adds a viral component because as more people become fans of your business on Facebook, even more people will become exposed to it.

Communicating with Customers
Once you have customers become fans of your Facebook Page, you will find communicating with them much easier. As you post messages to your business page's wall, your fans will see these messages. Many people have developed filters when they check emails. Often times, they won't even open emails. Even worse, your email could end up in their spam folder. By consistently interacting with customers on your Facebook Page, you get to communicate on a level that just is not available on other media.

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