Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Marketing A Small Business In The 21st Century - Part 1

21st century small businesses have more opportunities and marketing options than ever before. The advent of modern technology, combined with social media, has given the small business owner a multitude of platforms from which to promote their company. In many cases, these marketing tools have helped to level the playing field between small and larger-sized businesses. Of course, all of the marketing possibilities available to any small business now means competition is fierce and not necessarily limited to the local area. In this three part series, we will examine marketing tools at the disposal of a small business today. In this first part, we will briefly examine and review two areas this blog has covered extensively already, social media and blogging. Then in part two and three, we will see what other options are now open to a small business marketer.


Social Media

Social media during the last 5-10 years has exploded globally and it is becoming necessary for businesses of all sizes to have a presence on the medium. Whether small companies like it or not, ignoring social media is not an option anymore. It would help any business to do a little research and determine which social networks their target audience prefers to use and start there. Remember, fresh, relevant content, delivered consistently, is key to gaining and keeping a following. Also, showing the human side of your business while engaging with your fans will help.



A business can effectively establish themselves as an authority in their industry with a well-written blog. Being helpful, informative, and timely should be the goal of a company blog. This will promote the business in a positive light, without coming across as a blatant sales pitch. Once again, quality content is critical. A company blog can be a wonderful source of material for the business’s social media networks, in addition to standing on its own in a blog hosting site or the company website. 

In part two, we’ll see how a business’s own website and the emerging mobile technology can fit into a brand’s marketing strategy.


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