Friday, September 27, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 9/27/13

Does Small Business Understand Social Media?

Many small businesses may have a few misconceptions about social media and what it can and can’t do for their business. Many small business owners have jumped on the social network bandwagon with unrealistic expectations of miracles. Social media is about being social with people, real people. It is not the place for advertising campaigns to be thrown in the faces of the brand’s followers. True engagement between people is the name of the game. The end result will be, over time, increased sales. Full Story Here:


Social Media Demographics: The Surprising Identity Of Each Major Social Network

It is crucial for businesses attempting to reach out to their target customers on social media to choose the correct networks for the concentration of their efforts. Each social media network has its own unique demographic makeup. Business Insider has released their latest figures this week for each of the top social channels. A few interesting takeaways - On Facebook the 45 to 54-year-old age group has seen the largest growth since the end of 2012 at 45 percent. 27 percent of the 18 to 29 year old age bracket use Twitter as compared with only 16 percent of those in their thirties and forties. Pinterest is still dominated by female users at 84 percent. Full Story Here:


How To Generate Leads And Engagement Through B2B Social Media

Quality content, which is relevant to the target audience of the brand, should be central to any social media marketing campaign. Google and LinkedIn are the favorite social channels for businesses that primarily derive their revenue from other businesses (B2B). These social networks have grown tremendously in the last year and will see continued growth in 2014, especially Google . Full Story Here:


3 Annoying Social Media Mistakes Businesses Need to Avoid

The worst social media mistake, which any business can make, is to forget the true purpose of the medium and blatantly self-promoting with an endless stream of marketing and advertising content. Some other missteps include not sharing the content provided by others and being insensitive about controversial or sensitive subject matter or even being overtly offensive. Full Story Here:


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