Thursday, September 26, 2013

Marketing A Small Business In The 21st Century - Part 3

Today, marketers can produce and share their own homemade video marketing messages, alongside all of the other technological developments in marketing discussed in parts one and two of this series. The small business marketer still has some tried and true older techniques to fall back on as well. Television, radio, and print, in addition to the good old yellow pages are still viable options alongside the newer and more provocative marketing choices.



The video sharing social media site, YouTube, has provided the do-it-yourself video marketer a tremendous platform from which to launch their videos across the third most visited website on the planet, after Google and Facebook. Since being bought by Google, YouTube also offers one of the most powerful search engines, second only to Google’s own search engine. Videos on YouTube can become extremely viral due to the medium’s nature. An important factor in what can make a video go viral is the fact that YouTube videos can be embedded across a wide spectrum of social media networks and websites. With billions of views every day, YouTube offers your marketing videos a potentially massive audience.


Traditional Marketing Tools

The marketing tools used by businesses to promote their products and services in the past, including television and radio ads, print newspaper advertisements, and even the yellow pages, are still useful tools at the disposal of small business marketers. The more modern platforms discussed here should be seen as additional marketing options, not necessarily replacements for tried and true techniques. These older methods should be fully utilized while they are still available, especially in the case of yellow page and newspaper ads. Your company should want as many eyes to see your products and services as possible.


The options available to market a small business to its target have never been more broad and exciting. Today, small firms truly have the tools available, if properly utilized, to compete with much larger companies and reach a worldwide audience. 

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