Friday, September 20, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 9/20/13

7 Major Social Media Mistakes You May Be Making Without Knowing It

Social media marketing has is a learning process, keep in mind that not very long ago it didn’t exist. There may be some mistakes your company is making, unintentionally, without realizing it. This article offers some food for thought about waging a successful social media effort, some of which goes against previous conventional wisdom and established best practices. Full Story Here:

10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

Embarking on a social media marketing without a clear cut strategy plan is a plan for certain failure. However, many businesses launch their social media marketing efforts without any plan whatsoever. The only plan is to increase revenues for the business. A strategic of goals and a pathway to get there must be established in advance. This article provides some vitally important aspects to consider before starting a campaign, or for a business that would like to take a step back before they re-double their efforts. Full Story Here:


Five Steps to Becoming a ‘Social Media Ninja’

Some more good advice and best practices, along the lines of the above article. Know your audience and what network they spend most of their time. Concentrate on that one network before moving on to other channels. Give the audience quality content which is relevant to their lives. Be consistent and be careful with self-promotion. Full Story Here:


The Top 7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2014

According to predictions for 2014 in social media marketing, many current trends will become even more prevalent. The rise of mobile; image-centric content; content marketing; and the diversification into emerging channels such as Pinterest, Google , Tumblr, and Instagram; will become even more important in the coming year. Full Story Here:


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