Thursday, June 27, 2013

Facebook Changes Update

The social media juggernaut, Facebook, has made some changes in recent months that will impact business pages. These changes are mostly visually oriented and follow the social media trend to a greater emphasis on visual content. The rise in importance and influence of Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest are pointing the way as social media becomes increasingly image-driven. Newsfeed changes were also made, giving users more display choices. The Facebook mobile app has received some upgrades as well.


Emphasizing The Visual

Facebook has made the newsfeed of their users wider, giving images more room for prominence. The point here is to encourage higher engagement levels with all content by drawing people in with more compelling images and videos. Photos or videos can be much larger now, giving the newsfeed a splashier look and feel.


Newsfeed Options

Facebook users will have more options of what makes it into their newsfeeds. The “Following” feed is made up of Pages the user likes and will showcase all of their subscriptions. Another option for users is the Friends-Only feed. Here users can like Pages but don’t have to see the updates in their newsfeeds. These changes are both good and potentially bad for businesses. Enthusiastic followers can see more business content, but only if they choose to do so.


Better Mobile Experience

The explosion of mobile technology and the ever-growing numbers of Facebook users who connect via smartphones and tablets, has led the social network to upgrade their mobile application. Facebook’s goal here is to make the site mobile-friendly, while creating for both mobile and web users the most consistent experience possible. The newsfeed for a mobile user will look virtually the same as a user on the web. The mobile upgrades will make it easier for users to “Like” and then connect with business pages. Users will find all relevant buttons featured much higher up, eliminating much of the scrolling previously required.

The changes Facebook is making, on the surface, can be seen as a mixed bag for businesses. But the end results are designed to increase time spent on the site, meaning more opportunity for brands to reach users with their marketing messages.


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