Monday, June 24, 2013

Inspiration for your next blog post

Read your competitor’s blogs.

The next time you are drawing a blank while trying to come up with a blog topic, try surfing the Internet for what others in your industry are writing about. You are not stealing ideas or plagiarizing the work of others but rather using currently trending topics to develop your unique insights and perspectives.


Interviews with industry gurus are always interesting.

A simple Q&A session will bring new and interesting ideas into focus. Control the conversation by preparing the questions that you want to ask on behalf of your readers. Choose to interview someone who has strong opinions that will encourage debate and feedback from your readers.


Respond to comments

Promptly, reply to comments and criticisms that have been posted to your blog. Invite others to weigh in on your point of view. Offer sound researched facts to prove your point of view.  Respect the point-of-view of others, never argue or cut off the dialog.


Ask for ideas.

Let your online blog followers help you by soliciting their ideas for blog discussions. People are always willing to help. You will not only have something to write about, but also will attract some like-minded traffic to your own blog.


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