Friday, June 14, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 6/14/13

Facebook finally gets #hashtags

Facebook announced they will be supporting the use of hashtags to find and share information on the social network soon. It will be rolled out in increments to users during the coming weeks. Pioneered by Twitter in 2007, hashtags have been adopted by other social networks as well, such as Tumblr, Google , and Flickr. Hashtags have even been in use on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, for some time. Full Story Here:


Is Google Plus social media’s Next Big Thing?

The search engine juggernaut, Google’s social network, Google has been on a slow burn since it was launched in June 2011. But, gradually at first, the network has now really taken off and is gaining in popularity and use. It has some unique features, when compared to Facebook, and is claimed to be easier to use. Full Story Here:


American Airlines Marketer on Ramping up Social Media

American Airlines has significantly and successfully used social media in a re-branding  launch in the wake of its recent bankruptcy. The airline giant has made social networks, such as Twitter, central to its current marketing efforts. Their story provides excellent examples of how to mount a successful social media marketing campaign for businesses of all sizes. Full Story Here:


Digital Marketing: It’s Not Just Business, it’s Personal

One of the most important things, a key to social media marketing, is to always be personal. Make your audience see that they are interacting with real people and not some faceless business entity. Speak in an online voice which is approachable and friendly. Dispense with company insider lingo and make yourself easily understood by the average person. Make it simple for customers, fans, and followers to reach and contact your brand. Tell your audience your story and what you can do for them. Go where your audience is present, meaning choose your social media platforms carefully. Full Story Here:


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