Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Twitter Changes Update

Having crossed the 200 million-user mark, Twitter recently relaunched Twitter For Business. While Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks, it has lagged behind its competitors in adoption by businesses for marketing. This new relaunch is an attempt to reverse this situation and make Twitter a more attractive platform choice for businesses of all sizes.

The new Twitter For Business is essentially a how-to guide to teach companies and their employees how to properly leverage the network for their marketing efforts. Twitter has broken up their business resources pages into easy to use segments that provide helpful information for both beginning and advanced Twitter users.


The Art of the Tweet

In this segment, Twitter users will find educational informational on Twitter’s unique terminology, how to search, and how engagement works on Twitter. For users with some experience on the platform, there are sections on how to build your Twitter community by attracting more followers from targeted audiences. Also included are instructions on measuring your impact through analytics.


Terrific Examples

Twitter has gone out of its way to offer many inspirational brand success stories. The examples provided include many different strategic goals and challenges faced by companies and how they accomplished and solved them using Twitter. Examples are offered, including organizations of different sizes and industries. 


Tools You’ll Need

This section offers a self-help guide to targeted Twitter advertising and more detailed guidance in understanding the Twitter analytics tools.

Included with Twitter For Business is a short, but excellent video called “What can your business just 140 characters?” All of this new business emphasis from Twitter is in keeping with their headline for Twitter For Business “Grow your business 140 characters at a time.”  Check out Twitter For Business here:


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