Friday, June 28, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 6/28/13

Social Media Tips: How to Manage Your Facebook Business Page in Eleven Minutes a Day

Time is money when you are running a business and trying to fit social media into your schedule can be a challenge. However, effectively leveraging Facebook for your social media marketing efforts does not have to be time consuming. This article provides an excellent plan for accomplishing your goals without taking too much of your valuable time. Full Story Here:

How Social Media Has Helped My Business

How social media marketing impacts a business can be sometimes hard to measure. Many times the positive effects go unnoticed, unless you ask your customers. Businesses with a social media presence, who take the time to ask their new customers how they heard of the company, many times will find out that it was through social networks. Provide quality content which is relevant to the lives of your audience and customers will continue to be driven to your company. Full Story Here:

Midsize Business More Mobile and Social

Small and mid-sized businesses are becoming increasingly embracing social media and mobile technology, according to a new survey by Cbeyond Inc. The cloud and communications services provider released the results of its Summer 2013 Cbeyond Business Leader Snapshot, finding that nearly 60 percent of growing companies plan to increase their tech budgets over the course of this year. Firms are finding that mobile social business are effective tools in attaining their goals for growth. Full Story Here:

The Rise of Social TV: How Social Media Is Amplifying TV Advertising

People love use social media while watching TV, according to research by Business Insider. 62 percent of audiences are simultaneously watching TV while on their social networks. A significant amount of them, at 25 percent, are talking on social sites about what they are seeing. Recognizing this growing trend; marketers, in what is being called Social TV, are trying to figure out how to best capitalize on this phenomenon. Full Story Here:

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