Thursday, July 18, 2013

LinkedIn Changes Update

Change seems to be one constant feature on social networks. Sometimes the change can just be a small tweak to the look and feel of a site or maybe a few new welcome features. Or they can be in the form of a major makeover, as in the case of the changes that have been rolled out on LinkedIn recently. The site looks completely different, with a much greater emphasis on visual content. This is in keeping with the trend across other social networks as well.

Included in all the changes is an updated Privacy Policy and User Agreement, the addition of a tagging capability for users, easier navigation, and the appearance of sponsored content. LinkedIn has also eliminated the Answers section, a popular feature, but only with a small minority of users.


Profile Multimedia Gallery

LinkedIn has replaced Apps with an easy to use gallery for the sharing of images and videos in the profile page. The profile will also support PowerPoint presentations, pdf, and mp3 files.


Sponsored Content

In keeping with developments at other social networks designed to increase revenue, LinkedIn is now presenting sponsored content to its users.  Agreeing to receive such promoted posts is part of the new network Privacy Policy and User Agreement.


New Site Navigation Tool Bar

An important component of its updated look is the new tool bar for users. Site navigation is grouped together in the easy to use bar and all new messages, notifications, connections, or comments are clustered together on the bar as well.



Reflecting popular practice on other social sites is the new tagging capability. LinkedIn users can now tag either individuals or organizations in their status updates. Whoever users tag in a post is then notified in an email notification.

These new changes to LinkedIn come about as a result of the network’s efforts to grow and prosper alongside their social media competitors. The competition among social networks is helping to drive an enriched user experience for all.

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