Friday, July 26, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 7/26/13

6 Small Businesses That Are Doing Social Media Right

This excellent article offers six examples of companies properly leveraging social media for success. The examples, taken as a whole, support all the basic principles of social media marketing. Engaging your audience while providing them quality content, which is relevant, knowing your target market, and being personable, are all important facets for a social network marketing campaign to succeed. Full Story Here:


Don’t ignore customer service on social media

A powerful tool is available to any business to stand apart from their competitors on social media. The tool is customer service; simply make the effort to respond to customer issues, which may arise in a timely manner. According to, only 44 percent of top online retailers respond to complaints on Facebook within a day, failing to meet the expectations of their customers. This article contains a useful infographic regarding customer service and social media. Full Story Here:


Does Your Social Media Drive Transactions?

This is the all-important question businesses must ask themselves. Vision Critical has produced a sample survey to help companies find the answers to their return on investment questions and how to stay ahead of an ever-changing social media marketing environment. Full Story Here:


How social media is transforming customer behavior

Social media is contributing to a change in customer behavior patterns. The fast-paced lifestyle brought about by technology and, by extension, social media has raised the bar significantly for customer expectations. Consumers expect answers to their questions and issues nearly instantly, certainly measured in hours or minutes and not days. Also the assumption is that customer service is always available 24/7. Full Story Here:


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