Friday, July 19, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 7/19/13

Twitter Leads Fortune 500 Social Media Surge

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research has released the results of their study of social media use by Fortune 500 companies. The research found Twitter usage among the 500 has surged by over 70 percent since 2012, with 77 percent having an active Twitter account. Facebook use is up 4 percent to 70 percent usage, or 348 companies. Corporate blogs are on the rise with 171 companies, or 34 percent, actively blogging. Full Story Here:


In Business, Everybody Uses Social Media For Work; The Question Is How

Business use of social media is goal-oriented, according to Forrester’s B2B Social Technographics study of social media use. The research found that business decision-makers prefer LinkedIn for business purposes over Facebook. 48 percent use LinkedIn for both business and personal purposes, and 26 percent for strictly business. 42 percent use Facebook for primarily personal reasons and 37 percent for both business and personal usage. Full Story Here:


Social Media Automation: A Beginners Guide for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are confused about social media marketing. They see large companies successfully leveraging the medium and they wonder why it doesn’t measure up to their expectations. Social media marketing success cannot be measured in raw numbers, such as new leads for the month, in the small business environment. However, ignoring social is not the answer either for small companies. This article provides good advice about how to automate social media marketing without seeming “spammy”. Full Story Here:


It’s time for social media to grow up

Having a clearly established social media strategy for business is much more than having set up accounts on social networks, planned content for six months, and engaged with your audience. A social media strategy should have a sense of what the purposes are for the efforts and how they fit into the goals of the company as a whole. Full Story Here: 



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