Friday, August 16, 2013

Social media News For The Week Of 8/16/13

Business, Etiquette and Social Media

In the course of conducting business and living in the fast-paced 21st century, it is easy for some people to forget that proper manners count. Having good business etiquette shapes the way you are perceived by both customers and your peers. This applies to social media marketing just as much as every other aspect of business. Use sound judgment and think through every post you make or your reply to comments on the company page. Full Story Here:


Social Media Marketing: How Do Top Brands Use Social Platforms? [Charts]

Very interesting series of infographics about how larger companies, worldwide, are utilizing social media platforms. Based on a study by think tank, L2, of 247 of the world’s top tier brands. Major takeaway from this information is that brands receive lower rankings in Google searches if they are not active on social media. Full Story Here:


Does Your Social Media Marketing Actually Have Strategy?

It is vitally important today for a business to have a robust social media presence. The truth of that statement is being proved correct every day. However, what good is social media engagement for a brand if it is implemented without a clear strategy and having concrete and measurable goals in mind? Just showing up will not get the job done. Full Story Here:


Social Media Strategy: Using Facebook or Twitter for Business

Part of planning and implementing a social media strategy is carefully choosing which social platforms to concentrate your brand’s efforts. Between the two largest social networks there are many pros and cons. Careful analysis of your company’s target audience and customer base and establishing what the goals are for your brand will help narrow the field. Full Story Here:


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