Friday, August 2, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 8/2/13

What Big Social Media Mistakes do Businesses Make?

Businesses that do not understand social media and how it is best leveraged usually make one of these mistakes. Some do not see the value of social networks and of having a presence on medium for their company. They see social media as a passing fad that will eventually go away, just like many naysayers did at one time about the worldwide web. Other companies think the key to social media success is found in the need to be on every new and exciting platform, while forgetting that true engagement and empathy with their audience will lead to a real connection with them. Full Story Here:

Small Businesses Underutilizing Social Media

Social media is still being underutilized by business, according to the results of a new survey just released. The study conducted by Newtek Business Services, NASDAQ: NEWT, and The Small Business Authority found that 57 percent of the independent businesses surveyed have a Twitter or Facebook account. This is up ten percent from last year, but still leaves nearly half of small businesses without a presence on these social platforms. Full Story Here:

The Perils of Being a Social Media Holdout

Whether a company is on social media or not, their business is being talked about on social networks. This is going on without their participation or interaction, like it or not. This allows a brand’s reputation to be completely defined by others on the medium. Businesses without a social media presence appear to have less credibility, while appearing to be backward in a world of forward-thinkers. Full Story Here:

5 Reasons Why Your Business Shouldn’t Be On Social Media

Many businesses feel they need to be on social media just because everyone else is there. This is a bad reason for a brand to dive into social networking. If a company sets  up accounts and then plans to do nothing with them by not updating or utilizing the platforms properly, then it would be better to stay off social altogether. Lack of interaction and engagement on social media by not answering comments or questions spells the death of any social media campaign. Full Story Here:

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