Thursday, August 1, 2013

Don't let the big one get away!

If you are looking for new customers Facebook is an excellent place to go fishing. It makes sense to fish where the fish are.  With over a billion users Facebook is a big pond.

As any productive fisherman knows you want to use a good lure to attract opportunities.  When it comes to social media trawling there are two excellent choices to attract customers: Coupons and Contests.



Coupons are a proven tool to attract customers. Why not offer discount coupons or free gifts with a purchase?  Coupon promotions will not only get your customers to like you, but they will probably stay your Facebook fans in hopes of finding more future promotions. Most important, you will get them in your establishment or onto your website.



Contests are fun, and this could be a good way to target your customer base.  Get prospects engaged and trawl this opportunity.  Winners will create a feeding frenzy and increase interest in your site.

Want to get started? There is one place to go that makes the coupon and contest navigation process easy. offers a free 30-day trial. Try the coupon and contest functions for yourself without any obligation.

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