Friday, February 1, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 2/1/13

Social Media Marketing Edges Closer to a Lion’s Share of Small Business Ad Dollars

Small businesses are steadily increasing the amount of money they devote to social media marketing campaigns, according to research by the business media consulting and analysis firm BIA/Kelsey. The firm forecasts that $9.8 billion dollars will be spent during the next four years by small to medium sized businesses. The increases come as smaller businesses learn how social media works and refine their techniques. The study goes on to state that two thirds of small business owners are spending at least a few hours every week on Facebook, while half of them Tweet several times a week.
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Twitter now fastest growing social media site

The number of active users on Twitter rose by an amazing 40% between the second and fourth quarters of 2012, according to new data by the GlobalWebIndex. Twitter ended 2012 with 288 million monthly active users in 31 markets. This amounts to a 714% growth rate over the course of the last three and a half years. In July of 2009 Twitter had only 35.5 million monthly active users. Full Story Here:

Social business experts name 4 trends to watch in 2013

At the IBM Connect 2013 conference in Orlando this week, trends in social business for 2013 were discussed. Among the trends suggested to watch included the move beyond marketing in social media for businesses. The convergence of social media, analytics, together with cloud and mobile technology was the central focus of the conference. Full Story Here:

Social media remains ‘missed opportunity’ for hospitality businesses

A UK study by the firm Barclays has found that most of the hospitality industry is missing out on the benefits of social media marketing. The study states more 1 in 10 hospitality businesses are generating over half of the sales via social media, leaving the rest of the industry in their wake. The report goes on to say that 29 percent receive 25 percent of all their business from social media marketing, with 60 percent not seeing the benefits of social network engagement. Full Story Here:

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