Friday, February 15, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 2/15/13

5 Dead Simple Ways to Track Social Media ROI

 Measuring a company’s return on their investment in social media can be difficult and elusive because of the nature of the medium. Social media marketing is just like an online billboard advertisement, there isn’t any way of measuring its success. Yet it can have a tremendous impact on a business’ bottom line. This article offers some very simplistic, yet effective, yardsticks to gauge your efforts. Full Story Here:


Female Entrepreneurs Say SEO and Social Media Are the Future of SMB Marketing

Women entrepreneurs feel highly optimistic and largely think social media will be a key element in their success. According to a survey by the Nation Association of Women Business Owners, 81 percent of female business owners feel good about the future of their companies. 44 percent of those surveyed think social media marketing and SEO are the future of small business marketing. Full Story Here:


Personal and Business “Bullying” in Social Media: Ways to Manage It

When a brand is attacked in social media, maintaining a calm demeanor is the only means to deal with the situation effectively. Do not sink to the attackers level and strike back; it will only make your company look bad. Instead, be polite, interject some light-hearted humor if possible, and remember the importance of proactively communicating with your audience. Full Story Here: 


Organizing the Social Conversation

Conducting a social media marketing campaign across multiple channels can become an extremely daunting task, especially for a small business owner. Keeping all facets of the campaign organized with a program, in one place, can help tremendously. Also make all interactions on social media more effective by being genuine and making your audience feel like they are dealing with a real person, rather than a company. This will help convert your audience into paying customers, improving the effectiveness of all your social media efforts. Full Story Here:


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