Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Driving Hospitality Revenue With Social Media - Part 6 - Pinterest

The highly visual social network, Pinterest, is a natural for the hospitality industry. From a travel perspective, Pinterest is perfect for people to “pin” and share images of their favorite travel destinations and the hotels they stayed in while traveling. Conversely, hotels can share images to entice would-be travelers to come their locations and easily convert them into guests.

Pinterest has been growing at a record-breaking pace since its launch in 2010, becoming the fastest website ever to reach the 10 million user mark in early 2012. Pinterest users started off being predominantly woman but men have been catching on to what the network has to offer over and the demographic percentages have been steadily becoming more equal. Here are some tips for hotels to leverage Pinterest.


1. Share Beautiful Images

The very nature of Pinterest is its visual orientation, seemingly created for a hotel in a spectacular and desirable destination to promote itself. The images need to be of high resolution and as large as possible. Photos of the destination and hotel’s location should out-number images of hotel property, features, and amenities. This is in keeping with all social media’s aversion to blatant self-promotion.


2. Showcase Your Knowledge

Pinterest is the perfect platform for a hotel to show-off how knowledgeable they are of their surroundings by sharing travel tips and things to do in and around the travel destination. In this way, the hotel can provide a service by being a helpful host to their guests in advance.


3. Engage Followers

Pinterest provides a wonderful technique for a hotel to connect with their audience, called “re-pin”. In this way brands can comment on and share content which their audience shares with them. This is how engagement works on Pinterest. When a hotel’s guests share images from their wonderful stay at your hotel by pinning them to your board, the hotel can then comment and share them as well.

With its rich imagery, Pinterest is tailor-made for the hospitality industry. Few industries can benefit more from this social network. In the next part in this series, we will see what the social network Tumblr can offer the marketing efforts of hotels.

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