Friday, February 8, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 2/8/13

How Social Media Put a Tiny Yarn Shop on the Map

This inspirational story tells of how a small business used social media to become a multi-million dollar company. Jimmy Beans Wool has annual revenue of over $7 million and started out as a small shop in Reno, Nevada. Focusing on customer service, the shop used sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, and YouTube to built their brand. The small store successfully leveraged social media to stand out from more than 2,000 other competitors. Full Story Here:

Social media abuzz with Super Bowl commercials; GoDaddy tops list

The much anticipated Super Bowl commercials have now aired and their is a new yardstick to measure which ones were the most successful. Brands willing to invest in the costly air time are now trying to create social media sensations out of the commercial spots. Marketers are now gauging their success on the numbers of mentions across social media networks the ads receive. The winner appears to be GoDaddy Group Inc.‘s “Perfect Match” based on the numbers, drawing 255,121 mentions. Full Story Here:

CPAs Adding Social Media to Connect with Clients and Find New Ones

Many accounting firms are good examples of businesses that have successfully leveraged social media and moved beyond the use of e-mail, websites, and the telephone. CPA’s are now adding posts on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to their marketing efforts and to connecting with their clients. Full Story Here:

Impact Of Social Media On Society

Americans now spend 18% of their time using social media sites. The impact on our society of social media has been tremendous and its still growing. We now have highly effective and more convenient platforms for self-expression, communication, information gathering, and revenue generation, via social media networks, than ever before the phenomenon. Full Story Here:  

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