Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Relationship Between SEO and Social Media - Part 3

The internet search giant, Google, is putting so much emphasis on social media that last year they created their own network called Google+. The search engine has also added as part of its Google Analytics software, a social network reporting tool. This tool illustrates for brands how active their site is across all networks, while measuring the level of engagement, trends in traffic patterns and keeps track of conversational interaction.

Google is showcasing the all-important human element in social media for companies, pointing out the fact that search goes beyond simply content. The benefits to a brand not only measures the investment in time and energy, but quantifies the return on that investment provided by social media engagement as well. Armed with such data, a company can determine where the best returns in social media are. Adjustments can thus be made, leading to better SEO placement.

An added benefit provided by the utilization of Google Analytics to brands is that by creating the necessary Google account, the company will naturally appear higher in Google’s search rankings. The social network Google , after a somewhat slow start, is beginning to really take off. Google’s network now has over 100 million users and growing, not an inconsiderable potential audience for a company.

The last segment, part 4 of this series, will offer some recommendations and techniques for maximizing the effect of social media on your company’s SEO.

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