Monday, April 22, 2013

Driving Restaurant Revenue With Social Media - Part 1 - Introduction

The process of successfully marketing a restaurant or chain has changed with the rapid growth of social media networks in recent years. The public’s ever-increasing usage of social media means that restaurants can no longer afford the lack of a presence across multiple platforms. It has become vital for restaurants to reach out to their customers through social channels to not only gain their patronage, but also keep their loyalty.

But it is not enough to merely be present on social media. The nature of the medium commands the attentive efforts of its participants. Interaction and engagement is expected by social media users, as is fresh content. Setting up one or more social media business pages and then forgetting about them will not work. Not to mention the danger of leaving a restaurant social media account unattended. All it can take is one disgruntled patron leaving negative comments on a page, with no response from the establishment, and a restaurant’s business can go into a tailspin. Reputation management requires the food & beverage industry to be extremely pro-active with their social media marketing efforts.

Social media marketing for restaurants is much more than damage control, however. The very essence of social networks lends itself to many of the attributes of the restaurant business. The food and beverage industry is reliant, to a degree, on favorable word-of-mouth. The viral aspect of social media is well suited to this type of marketing.

Many restaurants have already made social media networks a part of their overall marketing plans, while others should be considering it. As the technology progresses, along with the public’s adoption of social networks, it will become a cornerstone of successful restaurant marketing. But which platforms work best for the food & beverage industry? and how? In this multi-part series, we’ll examine each social network that is conducive to a restaurant’s efforts and how it fits into a food & beverage industry marketing campaign.

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