Thursday, April 25, 2013

Driving Restaurant Revenue With Social Media - Part 4 - Foursquare

One social media network that has grown up around the mass popularity and acceptance of mobile technology is Foursquare, which is designed specifically for smartphone users. Based on the geo-locating capabilities of smartphones, Foursquare allows users to “check-in,” or tag themselves, either at a location or specific establishment by name. Then this information is shared with all of their friends via social media networks. It’s easy to see how this application can be extremely beneficial to restaurants. Any restaurant that offers special promotions to foursquare users will be their preference, and their friends as well, over other restaurants in the area that don’t. Here are a few tips to help restaurants get the most benefit from a Foursquare listing:


Claim Your Location and Complete Your Profile

Since anybody can create a listing, even users, there may be one or more listings for your restaurant already. You need to claim your listing and eliminate the duplicates. The Foursquare website has information to assist in this process. Fill out your business profile as complete as possible, including photos of your establishment. The more information presented in the profile, the more likely users are to check-in at your location.


Give Foursquare Users a Reason To Check-in

Incentives are the name of the game on Foursquare. Offer special promotions to users who come to your restaurant and tell others about it by checking in. Many restaurants have gotten creative and offered promotions based on the number of check-ins a patron has made. There are even so called “Mayors” of various establishments who have the most check-ins and receive special deals or giveaways, only for them. In the last year, Foursquare has added new options for businesses to promote themselves with paid promotions. These promotions will get a restaurant’s specials listed to all Foursquare users searching for where to have dinner that night.


Monitor Your Restaurant’s Foursquare Activity

This is extremely important because Foursquare gives users the functionality to give their opinions by posting short reviews. Just like other social media sites, it is crucial that you deal with any negative comments swiftly and positively. Restaurants are especially vulnerable to negative publicity and monitoring will keep you abreast of what is being said about your business. Also, this is a great way to gather valuable marketing information about your customers.

A geo-locating social media network like Foursquare is a powerful tool available to restaurants to leverage into increased business. In the fast paced food and beverage industry, where time seems to always be at a premium, Foursquare requires little interaction or engagement with users.  In part 5 of this series, we will see if restaurant owners can benefit from the Google social network.

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