Friday, April 26, 2013

Social Media News For The Week Of 4/26/13

Twitter Said to Bolster Security After AP Account Hacked

This past week hackers gained access to the Associated Press’ Twitter account and posted false stories involving explosions at the White House. The reporting of this hoax story temporarily sent the stock market tumbling. This incident has shed light on the improvement which is needed in social network security, especially in light of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent decision to allow companies to use social media sites for sharing market-sensitive news. Twitter is now reporting that they will be introducing a security upgrade to make the reoccurrence of such scenarios more difficult. Full Story Here:


An insight into the future of social media

Social media is increasingly becoming a necessary piece of the marketing strategy of businesses of all sizes, while yet still evolving. Social networks appear to be on the verge of dominating consumer spending habits. Brands are discovering the need to meet their customers and prospects where they are spending their time, on social media. In the ongoing marketing revolution, technological developments and innovations will continue to drive the public’s behavior and demands in the future. Full Story Here:


Study Shows Social Media Platforms Increasingly Playing a Role in Dental and Health Industry

This story shows how social media, properly utilized, can drive up business for any industry. The health and dental industries have been slow to adopt social media marketing and are missing out on its benefits. Here is a success story from the dental profession. Full Story Here:


Small business owners need mobile apps to run their businesses

Mobile apps are increasingly crucial to the success of small businesses, according to the results of study by the online freelance marketplace, PeoplePerHour. 66 percent of small business owners surveyed would have difficulty running their business without mobile apps. Social media management and marketing apps are a favorite, with 52 percent reporting they use this type of app on a regular basis. Full Story Here:

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