Monday, April 29, 2013

Driving Restaurant Revenue With Social Media - Part 5 - Pinterest

The highly visual nature of the social media network, Pinterest, makes it perfect for the food and beverage industry. Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board, where users can share or “pin” visual content, including both images and videos. It has been one of the fastest growing social networks since its 2010 launch. Pinterest users started off being predominantly woman, the sites early adopters, but men have been catching on to what the network has to offer and the demographics have been steadily equalizing.


Food is King on Pinterest

According to research by Citigroup Global Markets, the most popular topic of content on Pinterest is food.  Thus, the platform is an amazing fit for restaurant marketing. Simple in both layout and use, both large brands and small operations can gain maximum exposure with a minimum of time expenditure. Pinning quality images of your restaurant’s very best dishes, dining facilities, or specialty drinks from the bar are just a few ideas with which to get started. Images can be directly pinned from a restaurant’s website (the links to the site will automatically be included), thereby boosting site traffic.


Here are a few more tips to get the most out of Pinterest:


1. Keep Posts Short

Remember, Pinterest is all about the visual. Any written content should be kept as short as possible so users do not have to scroll down. However, recipes are an extremely popular type of pin and gain the highest click-through percentage on the site. Also, search engine optimized (SEO) keywords are just as vital in content shared on Pinterest, as with any other site.


2. Engage the Audience

Engagement is just as important on Pinterest, as it is on the other social networks. You can’t keep pinning endless streams of pictures of your restaurant’s food, no matter how delicious or visually stunning they might be. Be helpful to your followers by re-pinning healthy diet information from other sources, for example. Re-pin relevant content your followers may appreciate and be sure to comment on and re-pin their pins as well.


3. Highlight With Video

Pinning video content from your restaurant is a great technique to get re-pinned. A culinary demonstration from one of your chefs, one that highlights some of the best you have to offer, can prove very shareable and gain exposure for your establishment.

Pinterest may be the most suitable social network for the food and beverage industry with its rich, visual content emphasis. In the next part in this series we will examine another visual social network and its impact on restaurants, Instagram.

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