Thursday, September 13, 2012

Social Media For Employment And Recruiting - Part 1 - Introduction

Job seekers and employers are increasingly turning to social media for employment and recruitment solutions. Naturally, the LinkedIn platform leads social networks in use for employment purposes, but other social networks are not far behind. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have become recruitment tools for businesses and important resources for job seekers as well. This is the first of a five part series on social media and the job market. We will begin by looking at some statistics around recruiting and social media.

There were 3.7 million job openings on the last business day of July 2012, little changed from June. Source:

Social Media for Employment and Recruiting Statistics
  •  89% of companies used social media for recruiting in the year 2011.
  •  86% of employers think job seekers should make their social profiles more friendly to potential employers.
  •  79% of managers and job recruiters will review an applicant's information online.
  •  24% of managers have determined "fit and personality" from social media profiles.
  •  65% of businesses have recruited successfully using social media.
  •  56% of human resource professionals use social network sites as a source of potential job candidates.
  • One third of all employers have rejected job candidates based on information found online about them.
  • 14.4 million people used social media to find a job in the year 2011
  • Of all companies surveyed, 80% use LinkedIn, 50% use Facebook, and 45% use Twitter to find talent.
  • 1 out 5 employers will research job candidates using social media.
These are the most recent figures available from a survey by, compiled by The statistics for this year are expected to be higher. In part two, we will look at using Facebook to find a job or recruit candidates for a business.

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