Friday, September 7, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 9/05/12

Commentary: Social media fundamentally changes rules of engagement

Social media was at the core of this strategy. On the night Obama accepted the Democratic nomination, 85,000 people packed the Denver Broncos football stadium. Full Story Here:

Social-Media Insights From Barack Obama, America's First Truly Social President

No politician in history has leveraged social media to the extent of President Obama. Here's how his administration stays ahead of the curve--and what you can learn about effective social brand-building from the Tweep-in-Chief. Full Story Here:

Social media has key role in '12 election

Social media prowess is on display during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., this week and also was at the Republican gathering last week in Tampa, Fla. Full Story Here:

How to Sync Your Social Media Recruits

... little regard for guest blogging and little knowledge about it, too. As someone who spends my day dealing with both social media management and content outreach for SEO, I do not only see the benefit of combining the efforts, but I see the results. Full Story Here:

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