Friday, September 21, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 9/21/12

Small Businesses Get Nearly Half of Traffic from Social Media

Traffic on small business websites is being driven largely by social media according to the results of a study conducted by Northwestern University and Syndio Social. The study looked at over 300 Chicago based websites and found 51.7% of all traffic to those sites was being steered by the combination of Facebook (48.1%) and Twitter (3.6%). Medium sized business sites received 31% of their traffic from social platforms. Full Story Here: 

Social Media Etiquette for Businesses

It is crucial for companies who choose to promote their business on social media to remember to strike a balance between promoting and providing value to their audience. Listening to the audience and taking their needs into consideration while being relevant should be at the foundation of any social media marketing campaign. Full Story Here: 

Sometimes Saying "Sorry" Saves Money

It is vital for any brand to have a strong social media presence today. But putting your company's products and services out there, open to criticism from the public, can be risky. It is imperative for businesses to closely monitor their brands' social commentary stream and not leave any lose ends. Companies need to respond to any negative situation which may arise via social media, before it gets out of their control. Full Story Here: 

What Brands Need To Know About The "Social Media Honeycomb"

A company's reputation can be quickly turned through the power of social media. A research team from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver has published a paper to assist businesses in managing their social media strategy. Central to their findings is the need for brands to be careful of personal information, be appropriate in their interaction and engagement, and manage their company's reputation through metrics. Full Story Here: 

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