Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Information Overload


Today, it's difficult to keep up with a relentless barrage of tweets, Facebook posts, phone texts, e-mails, and instant messages. Users must master a plethora of tools, features, and options to stay contemporary with rapidly changing technology. It's a head spinning experience to navigate the dissimilar spheres of on-line communication. Most troubling, is the time management ramifications of responding to constant digital interruptions.

Clearly, questions arise regarding effectiveness and productivity. Just what is the cost of unnecessary interruptions? As we bounce among a matrix of social channels, are we subjecting ourselves to the potential for lost productivity, blunders, miscommunication, and burnout? Some people like to call this multitasking. In reality, this addictive behavior only makes you anxious and confused.

Most of us do not have sufficient bandwidth to deal with the communication overkill. Your sanity and survival will rest in your ability to filter and focus. Sort through the demands on your time and attention, and prioritize things to do based on reality, not the perceived need of the messenger. Not all incoming matters are important in the same order they were received. Lesser items should not rise to the level of immediate and urgent.

Once you identify the top priorities, focus your attention and concentrate on completing the task at hand.

Occasionally, you will receive the critical "need it now" request. React accordingly, bump it to the top of your list, get it done and return to your calm controlled routine.

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