Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Social Media Tips For Foursquare

Foursquare is at the forefront of the location-based marketing craze that has come about with the proliferation of smartphones and mobile devices. For any local business trying to compete by getting customers to come to their physical location, Foursquare can't be beat. The platform does not require much in the way of work for brands to participate and see the benefits of their customers promoting the business for them.

However, businesses must make it worthwhile for patrons to tell their friends about their brand experience. Here are some ideas for effectively using Foursquare to promote your business.

1. Race for Mayor -

The customer who checks-in the most amount of times at a particular place is referred to as the "Mayor" of that location. Prizes and benefits offered to customers who seek the title, combined with the perks of the position can keep many people coming back and spending money at your business. The race for mayor at a business can become very competitive, resulting in great rewards for the business's owners.

2. Give Incentives -

A common incentive theme is to offer deals and discounts for checking-in at a business. Other creative ways to leverage Foursquare are to hold contests and giveaways, give special discounts for check-ins on specific days or to give a prize to the first check-in of the day. There are many creative ways to use deals maintain customer loyalty. Offering such things as a special for customers who bring their friends, and deals for people who check-in a pre-determined amount of times are a few more ideas.

3. Hold Exclusive Events -

Any business can offer Foursquare users special deals exclusively for them. This can be arranged through the Foursquare business account.
Offering deals and special offers for customers who check-in at your business is the real power behind what makes FourSquare so attractive to both consumers and establishments.

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