Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Social Media Optimization --- What Is SMO?

Social Media Optimization, or SMO as it is commonly referred, is the methodology of making content from websites, blogs, and other Internet sources easily shareable across social media networks. The level of social media presence a company has plays a role in determining the potential for people to connect with the organization and is also a factor of SMO. With search engine rankings placing greater emphasis on the volume of content sharing, social media optimization has become a critical facet of overall search engine optimization strategy.

SMO is about visibility for all online marketing content to both people and search engines, including your website, blog and social media. Over time, the focus has changed from driving website traffic to expanding the potential for your content being easily seen by many people. With proper SMO, traffic will still be driven to your website, but your content will be viewed across a much wider spectrum of platforms, increasing your exposure to a larger audience.

There are a number of social media optimization fundamentals, but the most important is creating quality content that is valuable to people and compels them to share your content with others. This requires monitoring a variety of social networks to see and hear what is important to your audience and what they are sharing. The content must also be as easily shareable, with sharing buttons prominently and strategically placed. The level of two-way engagement between your brand and its audience along with the sharing of content you find from other sources that you find relevant to your audience are important as well.

Following the guidelines for effective social media optimization will not only gain more attention for your website, but will get your business marketing message to be seen on more platforms, greatly expanding your reach. The specific techniques for achieving effective social media optimization for your company's online marketing efforts will be explored in future posts of this five part series.

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