Friday, September 14, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 9/14/12

Skeptical Businesses Slow to Adopt Social Media

A survey by eMarketer of small to medium sized businesses found that only 24 percent of small companies and 33 percent of mid-sized companies have structurally incorporated social media in their marketing campaigns. However, for the small companies who have adopted social media, many find it effective. 49 percent report positive results from their social media marketing campaigns. Full Story Here:

Social Media Platforms Prove Beneficial to Small Businesses

Small to medium sized businesses that do get onboard with social media report it has helped them, in a study by the software firm, Vocus. According to the company's research, 87 percent of SMB's who have added social media to their marketing mix say it has helped gain business. Only 10 percent reported no effect from social media. Facebook continues to be the platform of choice for SMB's. Full Story Here:

With IPhone 5, Apple Again Raises the Smartphone Bar

Apple made their expected announcement of the new iPhone 5 this week. The big news from a social media perspective is the integration of Facebook into the phones operating system. Users will have the ability to make voice status updates and Facebook like buttons will be available on the phone in the iTunes store for songs and videos. Full Story Here:

Examining the State of Social Media Marketing

Many businesses are failing to take full advantage of all the possibilities offered by social media marketing, according to "The State of Social Media Marketing" report by Awareness Inc. The firm polled a collection of marketers from businesses of all sizes and found 78 percent believe they need to attain higher customer engagement, beyond the typical "like" type of interaction. Full Story Here:

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