Monday, September 24, 2012

Social Media for Employment and Recruiting - Facebook

With more than 900 million members worldwide, it was inevitable that Facebook was to become a giant in the job market. LinkedIn has traditionally led, and still does in this area, but Facebook has matched an increasing amount of job candidates with their future employers. Facebook, by sheer numbers of users, is positioned to become the tool of choice for both recruiters and job seekers.
Benefits of Using Facebook for Recruiting
  1. Largest Network - Facebook has the largest audience of all social networks.
  2. Facebook is Free - Facebook is free to all of its members, and companies can present themselves to candidates using tools, such as video, images and search without incurring any additional cost.
  3. High Level of Engagement - Facebook offers a higher degree of two-way communication and engagement than other social platforms. Brands can attract prospective employees by providing content of interest to them, leading to further commentary and interaction.
  4. Active Users - Potential job candidates are active on Facebook and spend considerable time on the network. It just makes sense for businesses actively seeking personnel to go where the people are. Companies can easily facilitate quality candidates locating their brand, initiating contact and pursuing employment themselves. Businesses don't have to chase after talent; the talent can come to them.
Recruiting with Facebook is more effective for attracting talent, such as recent graduates and young professionals not yet settled into their career job. LinkedIn remains the network of choice for companies seeking to fill executive positions. However, Facebook can be a useful tool to supplement other platforms for recruiting purposes.

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