Monday, April 30, 2012

Developing A Social Media Strategy Part 6 - Talking With Your Audience

After taking the time to plan out and follow your company strategy for social media, it is now time to begin actually posting and engaging with your audience. Up until now you have set clear goals and objectives for your social media campaign, planned your postings in coordination with other company marketing efforts, chosen the social media sites that fit your agenda, and created relevant content that your audience can relate to.

As you begin your postings, stick to your pre-planned schedule. You must be consistent, making sure to post regularly. If you don't provide fresh content people will lose interest in your page. Try to have something new to say everyday. Remember, social media is all about conversation. Your posts should have a more personal feel to them than more traditional marketing. People are reluctant to engage with something that seems to come from a faceless company.

All of your content should provide plenty of opportunity for comment and feedback from your audience. This is the whole purpose of social media. It is all about the conversation.  Keep the lines of communication open by responding in a timely manner. This effort is going to involve a long-term commitment. Properly executed your company will be rewarded for its social media efforts.

With the right mindset and proper planning social media will provide your business with new opportunities for growth. The key word that should guide your company's social media campaign is consistency. Keep it up!

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