Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Importance Of Mobile Apps - Personal Experience

In part one of this blog we saw how the combination of the increased capabilities of mobile devices and the reality of them literally being everywhere has made mobile apps important and essential to business. The way users interact with their smartphones and the growing availability of app stores presents further evidence of the importance of mobile apps to the future of business marketing.

Mobile Devices Offer Users A More Personal Experience -
Users interact with their smartphones on a much more personal level than they do when visiting a website via a desktop computer or laptop. Mobile devices become a part of their owner's everyday life. Because people's interaction with their mobile phones is so intimate, the apps they use on their phones become close companions to them, and offer genuinely engaging experiences that cannot be matched by websites.

Mobile App Stores Are As Pervasive As Smartphones -
Although smartphones are dependent on mobile app stores, this is not a problem since the app stores have become as ubiquitous as the phones themselves. Also, the process of downloading applications to the phone is exceedingly simple and not intimidating to users. The ease of use offered by mobile apps has increased their mass acceptance accordingly.

In the final part in this blog series on the importance of mobile apps to businesses, we'll see more evidence to support their significance and influence on consumer markets.

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