Monday, April 2, 2012

Developing A Social Media Strategy Part 2 - Determining Who Your Audience Is

After taking a little time for company self examination you should have a firm handle on who you are and what your company's role is. It is now time to put your ear to ground and find out what is being said about the company in the world outside your office.

Try to find out where the conversation is going about your industry and the niche your business fits into. Gather opinions about your brand and the topics most important to those giving their opinion.

Start by reading all the relevant blogs you can find. Social media sites themselves are a great resource for just listening in on the conversations about your company or its industry. Twitter offers real time discourse on virtually any subject. Search for topics with industry related content. Try Twitter's advanced search which will give you the capability to fine tune what you're hearing and limit it to conversations that are most relevant.

Establish whom the most influential individuals or businesses are in your industry and what they have to say. These are the people that are driving the conversation regarding your industry niche. They have gained this position by having experience that has earned them the respect of those who make up your audience. These are the customers or prospects that are your target on social media.

Remember, a great conversationalist is a good listener first. Before your company starts conversing on social media it is advisable to be quiet and listen first. This will help your business join in at the right time and place in the conversation.

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