Thursday, April 12, 2012

Customer Interview with "Pine Island Pam"

OnFast staff recently interviewed Pine Island Realtor Pam Bieber about her social media usage.  Here are some of the highlights:

About "Pine Island Pam"

Pam Bieber sells real estate in Pine Island, Florida
Visit her web site at

1.   What has driven the recent growth in the real estate business?

Advances in technology have greatly impacted growth in the real estate business. Buyers and sellers of today are searching on the Internet before contacting a Realtor for assistance.  Also, staying in touch with customers and the ability to provide immediate information via smart phones, e-mail, texts, etc. has made it easier and quicker to do business.

2.    How have your marketing efforts changed over the past 3 years in your business?  

Good old-fashioned marketing in local papers and face-to-face contact is still valuable.  However, today's market requires reaching a larger customer base via use of the Internet.  Buyers and sellers may not physically reside in the community in which a property is located and therefore rely on the Internet for initial information.

3.    What challenges do you face today in trying to attract new customers? 

Learning the new technology and related ways to reach potential customers via the Internet.

4.    How has using social media and OnFast helped your efforts?  

Social media is a must for marketing in today's world.  OnFast helps makes me work more efficiently ~ using the "work smarter, not harder" concept.  I can direct my posts across multiple channels. Also, I can schedule my posts in advance.

5.    What challenges do you see going forward? 

Staying up to date with technology and search engine optimization.  Time with customers is priceless, however using social media and OnFast is a must to connect with potential customers and build business.  

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