Friday, April 20, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 4/20/12

Poll Results: Why Do You Tweet To Your Hotel?

A poll conducted of readers asked what they would like to see from their hotel's social media content. The most important information a hotel social media site can provide is local info about bars and restaurants in the area that respondents said is hard to find. Full Story Here: 

Financial Advisors Using More Smartphones To Access Social Media

Smartphone use among financial advisors is on the rise. According to a survey 35%, up from 27% last year, use their smartphones for business purposes. 22% use tablets such as iPads as well. Full Story Here:  

Consumer Activity On Social Media Sites Dwarfs That of Healthcare Companies, Finds New PwC Study On Social Media In Healthcare

Healthcare organizations need to catch up with consumers and are missing out on opportunity for engagement a study has found. The study shines a light on the need for healthcare organizations to fully implement social media within their business strategies. Full Story Here: 

Business Needs Social Media To Win Millennials

Boston Consulting Group, Barkley and Service Management Group have found that the so-called Millennials age group, 16-34, requires businesses to use social media. 60 percent of people within those ages use social media for the rating of products and services they use. This is compared to 46 percent for 35-74 aged people. Also 53 percent are willing to become familiar with a brand on social media. Full Story Here: 

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