Friday, April 6, 2012

Social Media News For The Week Of 4/6/12

Facebook Rolls Out Mandatory Timeline For Brand Pages, Not Profiles
Facebook this past week went live with its mandatory Timeline for brands. The change, at this point, only affects pages for brands and public figures. It is yet to be determined when Timeline will become mandatory for profiles. Full Story Here: 

Brands Should Re-Evaluate Their Social Media Strategy To Take Advantage Of The Facebook Timeline Switch, Says Punch Communications
The new Facebook changeover to Timeline for brands presents unique opportunities for businesses on the social network. The new format gives greater impact to visual presentations. Early industry surveys have indicated that brand pages with less than 10 million followers have seen a measurable increase in engagement since the roll out. Smaller brands with below 1 million fans are reporting increases of up to 60% in 'Likes' for each of their posts. Full Story Here: 

Creative Corner: Social Media Puts Brands Large And Small On Equal Footing
Social media has completely changed how we receive and transmit information. Marketing messages distributed by brands are more personal and targeted. Social media is now more important than multi-million dollar ad campaigns. These changes continue to put companies of all sizes on a more equal playing field. Full Story Here: 

Research Finds Supply Chain Vendors Slow To Adopt Use Of Social Media To Engage With Customers For CRM
A study by Kemp Goldberg Partners and IDG Research Services has found business-to-business suppliers and vendors have been slow to embrace social media in their customer relationship management (CRM). The research also found companies willing to utilize social media for CRM have benefited along with their customers. Full Story Here: 
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