Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Blog Posters Final Check List

Do you live with the fear that misspellings or typos may slip through? Is your post complete and ready to submit? Here is a short list of things you should check before releasing your blog post:

Is My Title Appropriate?

Evaluate your title. Does it draw your reader's attention and does it accurately represent the content of your post?  Is your title catchy and does it contain SEO keywords?

Proofread, Spelling & Grammar Check

Most word processors have spelling and grammar checks that are easy to use. After the basic checks, consider using the thesaurus to replace simple every day words with richer more descriptive language. Add multi- syllabic adjectives to enrich your content.

At this point, it's best to put your post aside. After a short while, come back to your post and reread it. Is it complete, easy to read, and understandable?

As a last check, ask a co-worker or someone else to read it and give you some feedback.  

Did I Use the Appropriate SEO Keywords?

Keywords are similar to Adwords and determine what items and links search engines return. The goal is to have your post returned at the top of the first page. To maximize traffic to your post and subsequently your web page you will need to use the same keywords that people are using in their search.

Links to External Sources

Linking to external websites is a way to add creditability to your post.
You only enrich your post by adding other available relevant information about your topic. You won't lose readers. Linking to Wikipedia or Netlingo is an excellent tool.

Attribution to Work of Others

Always give proper attribution to the source of your material particularly, if it is copyrighted or trademarked. Original authors of your referenced material will appreciate your recognition. In the future, they may chose to follow you and link to your original material. Building a community of complimentary reciprocal resources can't hurt.


An image or video is worth a thousands words. Visual resources are so easy to include and they enhance readability.

 Include an Actionable Item

Ask you reader to come to your website or take action on one of your offers. Be sure to include the easily identified links.

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