Monday, April 16, 2012

Developing A Social Media Strategy Part 4 - How Will You Accomplish Your Goals?

With clearly defined goals and objectives laid out for your company's social media campaign it is now time to determine how that will be accomplished. What platforms will you use? How will your methodology work to bring about the realization of the goals you established? How does the company's overall marketing campaign fit with your social media endeavors? These are all vital decisions in bringing about successful results using social media for your company.

Decide what methods of content delivery will work best for the message you want to get across to your audience. You probably have already formed some opinions on which social network sites are right for your company while you were in the listening phase of developing a social media strategy. In choosing the right social media platforms for your campaign resist the urge to use too many at once, at least in the early stages. Begin with one or maybe two at a time. Give yourself the chance to fully develop your marketing efforts on one before moving to the next platform. Put together a plan for each social media site and coordinate the posts with the company's overall marketing campaign.

The timeliness of social media posts can be decisive in determining their outcome and your success on any platform that is used. Scheduling your posts in advance, in concert with the ongoing marketing efforts of the company, is critical. Time your social posts with upcoming promotions or advertisements the business has planned. Building a scheduling calendar is extremely helpful in coordinating all your plans. Online tools are available, such as, to assist with the workload and to streamline the process.

Coordination and pre-planning are important to achieving your goals and objectives for the use of social media networks in your business. This is true for any platform you choose for your company's marketing campaign.

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