Monday, April 9, 2012

Developing A Social Media Strategy Part 3 - Establishing Your Goals For Social Media

Taking the time to listen in on the conversations about your company and its industry niche across a variety of social media networks should have you prepared for the next step. Before beginning a social media marketing campaign, your company needs to establish clear goals for its coming efforts. What does your company hope to accomplish using social media? Do you have any short-term objectives and long-term goals for the campaign?

A short-term objective may be to attain a specific number of followers within a certain time frame. Another objective might be to increase the number of followers by a minimum percentage over time. It is up to you, but if you wish to drive business to your company by leveraging social media you need to be very specific and clear about what you plan to achieve. This is crucial for measuring your results later on. Your long-term goals may be to just have a brand presence across the social networks. Not having goals would make your results unclear and difficult to measure.

Your company may already have a website and your sole objective is to steer social media followers to your site. Be aware that social media is more about engagement and interaction than it is about the hard sell. The old marketing techniques don't play as well on social media and you may find your efforts less than successful. Give your followers content that they will value. Keep in mind the discoveries you made while just listening to the conversations on social media networks, considering what the goals of your audience might be and what you found to be important to them.

A thoughtfully laid out social media campaign plan will help ensure success for your company's social media efforts. Easily visible goals and objectives for the campaign will highlight that success.

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