Monday, October 22, 2012

Twitter Techniques -- Creating More Effective Tweets

With a growth rate outpacing that of Facebook and over 500 million registered users now, Twitter has become a powerful social media marketing platform. This is the first of a three part series on how to refine your company’s techniques for Twitter marketing. In this first part we will look at how to create more effective Tweets.

Load up your Tweets with Keywords -

In all facets of online marketing the creation of web content needs to include industry keywords. This principle is still vitally important and can’t be overemphasized. Keywords are the foundation of effective web content. Tools like Google AdWords can help you put together a list of effective keywords and get the most out every Tweet.

 Include Links in your Tweets -

Sharing links with your followers and embedding links in your Tweets is a highly effective technique for expanding your follower base. Any time you find content relevant to your followers, share the link with them on Twitter. Engaging in conversation with your brand’s fans goes a long way to endearing them to your company, but so does sharing links they will find useful.

Find Your Twitter Voice -

As you go forward in implementing your company Twitter strategy, it is beneficial to your brand’s success to find your unique voice. If you share content with a style in harmony with your brand personality, fans will be more likely to retweet your posts and click your links. Be sure your posts provide value for followers while avoiding the hard sell approach.

You only have up to 140 characters on Twitter. Make each and every Tweet effectively furthers your social media marketing campaign. In part two, we will see some techniques for more effective networking on Twitter.

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