Monday, October 8, 2012

Social Media For Employment And Recruiting - LinkedIn

LinkedIn, with its prominence as a social network for professionals, naturally leads all other networks for job recruiting and employment. LinkedIn, just like other social networks, should be part of an overall recruiting strategy that includes more traditional methods, such as job boards. LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for bringing talented, high quality candidates to your company.

Ways to Use LinkedIn for Recruiting

1.  Complete Your Company Profile

Make sure your company profile is complete in every way and loaded with industry-relevant keywords. Your keyword-rich company profile can entice candidates who are seeking employment and searching profiles for great places work.

2.  Use LinkedIn Search

Search for qualified potential employees from the pool of LinkedIn members who match your requirements. Using keywords in personal, as well as company profiles, is key for this reason. Be sure to share all of your contact information with prospects.

3.  Build a Network of Professionals

Build and nurture your personal network of professional contacts on LinkedIn. With a large database of contacts, you can send out requests for referrals and ask for recommendations for job candidates, with a higher expectation of success. For this strategy to be effective, you must take the time and effort to build trust and establish relationships with your network contacts. This includes maintaining ongoing contact with everyone with whom you worked for, with, or who worked for you. These contacts can become a most trusted source of prospective employees.

4.  Join LinkedIn Groups

Groups on LinkedIn share common ground in their backgrounds and experience, expertise and interests. Other group members may be able recommend people with your target qualities. Also, responding to questions in the LinkedIn Answers section will raise the visibility of your company profile.

5.  Post Jobs on LinkedIn

It is not free to post jobs directly on LinkedIn, but it can provide results. Job seekers can search for free, but more advanced, premium features are available to candidates for a fee as well. With a premium membership, you can search directly for prospects and contact them.

Highly qualified job candidates can be found on LinkedIn, the leader among social networks for recruiting. The network can be a powerful tool to assist your company fill its personnel needs. In part five of this series, we'll look at Google as a job-filling platform.

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