Monday, October 1, 2012

How Social Media Makes Money For Your Business - Sharing Expertise

Using social media has become nearly mandatory for businesses. Yet at the same time, social media can sometimes seem like a nebulous arena to some small business owners. The very nature of the medium can confuse businesses into thinking they don't receive any benefit from social media use. This blog post is the first part of a series that will point out the ways in which social media provides a return on your company's investments, in both time and resources. You will see how sharing your business's expertise will position the company for growth.

1. Share Your Company's Expertise

This is one of the more difficult benefits of social media to quantify. Your company, whether it is a new startup or a well-established firm, specializes in at least one thing. Sharing your knowledge and experience of that specialty with your company's clients, customers, and prospects is a way to establish your company as an expert within your niche market. One of the key aspects of social media that businesses often miss is the need to be helpful to their followers and not come across as an endless ad campaign. This will reap benefits for your company later on down the line, when people will remember your company as a trustful and helping friend rather than a sales pitch.

2. Expertise Sells

If your company provides a service, such as consulting or technical firms, sharing your knowledge is a valuable asset that will interest your clients in further information, after you have enticed them with your expertise first. If your company sells a product, you can offer product demonstrations or tips and advice to plant the seed in consumers' minds. Once again, by furnishing only useful information without a hard sales approach, your customers will think of your company as nothing less than an expert that they can count on.

3. Expertise Saves Money

The business concept of inbound marketing draws customers into your company's products and services instead of you pushing them out. According to, 69% of companies following this model gain customers. At the same time, those companies are spending 61% less per lead than firms using more traditional marketing techniques. This is a significant savings on their marketing budgets. It is interesting to note that these same companies put up to 80% of their promotional budgets into utilizing these marketing techniques after seeing the results.

Social media is the way business gets done successfully in this century. Sharing your company expertise is one way to accomplish that goal.

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