Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Twitter Techniques -- Network More Effectively On Twitter

In this second part of a series on implementing a business Twitter strategy, we will examine methods for effective networking.

Find the Right Audience and Interact with Them -

In order to ensure the ultimate success of your company’s Twitter campaign, it is critical to find the right audience of interested, relevant followers. Merely trying to build a large count of meaningless followers will not get your campaign off the ground. You must seek and find people who are interested in your company, its products/services and your industry. Finding an audience to engage and interact with, regarding relevant topics for both you and them is crucial for establishing your brand on Twitter. Online and Twitter directories will assist in building up your audience. Start out by following them first.

Build Relationships with Engagement -

You can start building a relationship with your fans by thanking them when they tweet about your company, comment favorably on a blog post, or retweet one of your posts. Don’t take people who like and appreciate your company for granted. When conversations are going on in your community, dive in and provide useful and relevant information to the discourse. Engage with your followers by starting discussions and sharing content they will find interesting or useful. There is a time and place for pushing promotions, but don’t let your feed become an endless stream of self-promotional noise.

Remember the Golden Rule -

Utilizing Twitter as a platform for your company’s social media marketing efforts will not bring instant success. It is an ongoing process that can seem time-consuming and takes time to unfold. There are online tools designed to help with the time-consuming part, but only patience can help with the second part. The golden rule is to always be helpful first and promotional second. You need to build trust with your followers. They may not need your products or services immediately, but if you have their trust, they’ll remember your company when they do.

In the last part of this series, we will consider a few techniques designed to lead your loyal Twitter followers to other platforms of your social media marketing campaign.

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