Thursday, October 11, 2012

Using Google+ for Employment Search

While Google+  certainly has not knocked Facebook off its perch atop the social media world since launching in mid 2011, the network did grow to 150 million active users by the end of its first year. This is a significant audience job seekers should consider in their search. Google+ also offers several advantageous features over other social networks for job hunting users.

Ways to Use Google+ for Employment Search

1.  Circles -

This feature really sets Google+  apart from other social networks, particularly from the perspective of job seekers. Circles allows users to categorize their contacts into groups or "circles". This gives them the ability to tailor fit their postings and information sharing with specific audiences. Circles presents the user with a level of relevancy control only found on Google+ . Importantly, personal and professional information can be kept entirely separate, allowing the user to maintain a degree of privacy, while keeping friends and family from having to wade through irrelevant posts.

2.  Sparks -

Sparks empowers users to easily keep track of industry news, developments and topics of interest related to their job search. Keyword searches can be saved so new information will appear in the user's Sparks newsfeed on their profile page. Information received through Sparks can be easily targeted and shared with appropriate Circles.

3. Hangouts -

Google+  also provides users with a unique video conferencing feature called Hangouts. This allows video chatting between up to 10 people. Employers and job recruiters have even conducted interviews, either individually or with groups in Hangouts. Also, Google Hangouts on Air (HOA) are broadcasts that can be joined by an unlimited number of people. At any given time, there may be HOAs being conducted relevant to any job search.

Google+  offers distinct advantages for job hunters over other social networks. The network gives users a high level of organization and relevancy not found on the other networks. Google+  should be an important facet of any job search utilizing social media.

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