Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Social Media For Employment And Recruiting - Twitter

For job seeking and recruiting purposes, LinkedIn and Facebook receive most of the focus, but Twitter should be considered as well. Twitter should be seen in this context as providing a supplement to recruiting efforts across other social media networks. Twitter offers brands a high level of engagement and interaction, along with many opportunities to share information from their other networks. Twitter can be the platform of choice for sending short blasts of information regarding job posts and opportunities, advice for job hunters, or career information.

Ways to Use Twitter for Recruiting
  1. Engage With Potential Candidates - Candidates can be reached by searching for the influential people, blogs and networks frequented by potential employees of your company. Engagement in these areas can help further intelligence gathering, thereby providing information regarding pools of talented candidates and their various areas of expertise.
  2. Post to Twitter Job Boards - Various companies will post across their networks for a small fee. These companies gather postings and make them easily searchable for job seekers.
  3. Post Directly to Twitter - Job listings with shortened URL's linking to more information may be posted directly for free. Using commonly used # hash tags can extend how far those listings reach outside your circle of followers.
  4. Keyword Sourcing - This is the inverse of direct posting. Candidates seeking job positions can be searched using keywords. There are even free websites that offer advanced search functionality based on keywords, hash tags, or even zip code location. Highly targeted RSS feeds of Twitter profiles and streams can be set up with all this information for recruiting purposes.

Twitter offers recruiters the opportunity to creatively engage and target highly qualified job candidates. Twitter is, however, complementary to other platforms rather than a replacement for them. Twitter can be an effective tool for leveraging social media for recruiting purposes. In the next part, we will examine LinkedIn as a recruitment tool.

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